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Tanglewood TCT1 Chromatic Stage Tuner

Tanglewood TCT1 Chromatic Stage Tuner


  • Description

    Product Description

    Tanglewood TCT1

    A clip on fully chromatic ‘traffic light’ tuner from Tanglewood …Red is out of tune! then the readout turns to green when in tune! Simple to use …clip on, play a note and read off tuner display.

    Will tune all stringed instruments that you can clip it to! it works on the vibration transmitted from the instrument, and will not pick up other noises around the instrument that you are tuning. It will tune guitar, banjo, mandolin, violin, etc.

    Has on-stage back light.

    Tanglewood TCT1 Features

    • Tanglewood Traffic Light Clip on Tuner
    • For Guitar, Bass or Chromatic Tuning
    • Full instructions
    • Battery included

    Check out the TCT1 on the Tanglewood website here: http://www.tanglewoodguitars.co.uk/product/tct-1/